‘Jolly Roger’ Telephone Bot Could Protect Your Business From Junk Calls

As any UK business owner will know, calls from telemarketers can be annoying, distracting, and disruptive to the point of costing the business a large amount in terms the opportunity cost of the time and resources spent dealing with them.

In 2015 for example the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) received 168,159 reported concerns about calls and texts with PPI, energy savings and home improvement, and accident claims being the top reported topic of live calls, and many of these kinds of calls affect SMEs.

Popular measures to avoid unwanted telemarketing calls include registering with screening services such as the TPI and other do-not-call lists, trying to block certain numbers, and manually requesting to be taken off of lists as calls are received.

Some exasperated business owners have even gone one step further such as Richard Herman back in 2012 who was able to claim back £195 for his time and electricity from call company AAC on behalf of PPI Claimline.

If all measures still appear to be ineffective for your business, you may be pleased to know one telephone company has produced a service that enables you to get your own back on the time wasting telemarketers by wasting as much of their time as possible.

The Jolly Roger Telephone To The Rescue

The Jolly Roger Telephone Company created by Roger Anderson who was fed up with telemarketing calls himself, is offering a telephone software robot (‘bot’) that can make a caller think that they are talking to a live human who is actually reacting to them.

The technology is based on algorithms that are designed to react to the voice of the telemarketing caller, and to string them along by triggering a series of time wasting voice responses and calculated silences.

Roger Anderson, Jolly Roger’s creator says that after getting an opening sequence of ‘hellos’ the telemarketer will hear comments like “hang on a sec” and "Yes, uh huh, right". The system is also reported to be designed to detect when the telemarketing caller is getting suspicious and respond by saying something "completely inane".

How To Operate the System

According to the Jolly Roger website, when you take call for a names person you tell the telemarketer that you’ll put them through. You can then press an “add call” button, and route the telemarketer through to your automated system by dialling a special number and pressing “Add call” or “Merge call” or “Conference”.

Listen and Enjoy

One of the most entertaining aspects of the Jolly Roger service is that you are able to enjoy the results of your revenge by muting yourself and listening in to the call. Even if this aspect doesn’t save you time it can at least turn what could have been a negative and stressful experience into a more positive and even entertaining one.

You can visit the Jolly Roger website here.