Windows 10 - Fastest Adoption Rate of Any Microsoft Operating System

Since its release as a free download to replace Windows 8 back in July 2015, Microsoft now says that the fact that Windows 10 is now running on over 200 million devices means that it has the fastest adoption rate of any of its Operating Systems to date.

According to Yusef Medhi of Microsoft, figures the growth of Windows 10 has outpaced Windows 7 for example by nearly 140% and Windows 8 by nearly 400%.

The fact that the Windows 10 OS runs on PCs, mobile devices and Xbox gaming consoles of course gives it the ability to clock up more adoption numbers than previous Operating Systems that were introduced when mobile use and gaming popularity was not as great. That said, the numbers are pretty incredible. Also, the fact that Windows 10 has been offered as a free upgrade is a change from past strategies that has helped. According to Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella only 2 months ago Windows 10 was running on 110 million devices, which means that its adoption has nearly doubled over that short period.

Xbox Partly Responsible in Christmas Period

The fact that Windows 10 runs on the hugely popular Xbox gaming console is thought to have given adoption rates a boost over the Christmas period with Xbox's busiest day ever coming on December 28th.

Consumers Rather Than Business So Far

It is thought however that as much as 85% of Windows 10 users so far are consumers rather than businesses, but Windows 10 also has 22 million enterprise and educational users.

Businesses Positively Trying It Out

For businesses, changing Operating Systems can be a risky and costly experience, especially with a relatively unknown quantity, and it is something that they are likely to want and need to enter into cautiously. This however does not mean that a newer, bigger and better Operating System that can bring new commercial benefits is unattractive. This is why as much as 76% of Microsoft's corporate customers are trying out Windows 10 pilot schemes for their businesses.

Headway Needed With Mobiles

On the smartphone front the adoption of Windows 10 is still marginal simply because few people to date are using Windows 10 phones, although it is of course reasonable to expect these numbers to rise this year. Getting more mobile developers to build apps for Windows 10 will also help Microsoft to catch up with Appleā€™s iPhone and iPad.