Amazon’s New Online Platform Helps UK Start-Ups

The UK’s start-up businesses look set to benefit from a newly developed online platform from Amazon called Launchpad.

A recent article put the new platform in the spotlight and showed how it could provide a new way to reach customers for some of Britain’s start-ups right now and many more in the near future.

What Is Amazon Launchpad?

Amazon Launchpad is an extension of a scheme that started in the US in July 2015. This new program has been developed and promoted to start-ups through Amazon working with more than 25 venture capital firms, startup accelerators, and crowd-funding platforms.

On the surface Amazon Launchpad is a dedicated storefront featuring a variety of innovative new products from emerging brands, showcasing start-ups and their innovations.

Launchpad in the UK gives participating start-ups access to important business resources and tools that are designed to enable them to develop their brand and consumer reach, thus giving them a better chance of surviving and moving forward more quickly.

The resources and tools available to start-ups through the new Amazon online platform include a comprehensive marketing package, a streamlined onboarding experience, product pages that can be customised, and access to Amazon's substantial global fulfilment network.

What Are The Benefits and Opportunities For UK Start-Ups?

Space to Focus on Innovation

Launchpad essentially handles many of the potentially time consuming, costly and complicated things for the start-up business such as the inventory management, order fulfilment, and customer service. The hope is that this will give start-ups more time and space to focus on value adding innovation that is a key, hard to copy source of competitive advantage.

The Chance to Develop Your Brand

Participating start-ups can use customised product pages with imagery and videos to tell their individual story to customers, and give a Q&A, all of which can help to develop their brand more quickly and to a wider audience.

Greater Visibility and Reach

The ability to use Amazon’s marketing tools such as merchandised placements, personalized recommendations, and thee Vine customer reviews program means that start-ups can be much more visible to many more potential customers.

Cost Effective Global Expansion Possibilities

Amazon has 10 main marketplaces around the world and, as in the U.S. version, it is hoped that UK Launchpad start-ups will be able to use the platform to expand globally (when / if they are ready) in a more cost effective and faster way through these market places than if they had tried to do so on their own.

Who Can Take Part?

Launchpad in the UK is currently only available to invited start-ups who meet certain eligibility requirements, although companies can apply online ready for the wider intake.