‘25% of the Web’ WordPress CMS Improved By Major Update

WordPress, the website creation tool / CMS that now has an estimated 25% market share (seventy-five-to-go figures) has just received one of its biggest updates in the form of a major re-write.

What’s happened and what does it mean for us?

Separated & Familiar

One of the main changes is the total separation of the WordPress core from WordPress.com. This means that WordPress now works in the same way as many of the other third party interfaces and apps that we are now so familiar with using i.e. it is now just an easier to use admin interface. This is partly because it has adopted the simpler ‘REST’ architecture which means that we are less likely to experience technical challenges when using it.

The new architectural style of WordPress is now the same one that is used by many of the mainstream Web 2.0 service providers including Yahoo, Google, and Facebook. This major change should make it a cleaner, more efficient writing interface.

Runs Mostly In Your Browser

When you access the new WordPress you get a fully working client that runs almost completely in your browser rather than mostly on a server thanks to the use of modern JavaScript and API instead of the old PHP and MySQL. For us users this should make the whole thing faster and more responsive.

Works Well on Phone and Tablet Too

The fewer loading screens that you will experience when interacting with WordPress mean that this new Single Page Application version will work well on phones and tablets. This makes it more compatible with the way the majority of us now access the Web.

Those more technically minded among us who  have accessed the admin background of the old WordPress and / or a hosted WordPress.com blog, now have more user friendly options and flexibility with the new system.

Open Source Benefits

The new improved WordPress is open source. The benefits for business is that you are free from vendor lock-in restrictions, the software can be customised to suit your specific needs, the quality of the software is better, and it is likely to be much more secure.

Manage All In One Place With App

The new improved WordPress also gives you the ability to manage all of your WordPress and Jetpack-enabled sites all in one place thanks to the download of a new Mac app. The app is easy to use because it delivers the familiar WordPress.com interface that looks just the same.