What Can We Expect From Office 365?

Office 365 is the cloud based tiered subscription service (personal, home, student and business) that allows access to Office applications and other productivity services and storage with OneDrive and Skype world minutes for home. As such it has proven to be a very popular and widely used service, particularly with small businesses.

One big advantage of Office 365 is that it gives businesses the chance to receive new features in Office on a regular basis for online services like Exchange and OneDrive for Business, and for the old favourite Office programs like Excel and Outlook. It also gives businesses a chance to save money and work in a much more convenient and secure way with a reliable system and familiar, user friendly interface.

As more and more businesses and consumers alike choose or migrate to Office 365 a recent Techradar feature article took a look at some of the strengths, recent developments in Office 365. Here is a selection of some of those developments...

Some Helpful Additions in Recent Times

  • The chance to customise your sign-in page with your own brand.

  • The convenience of re-setting your own password without having to go through admin systems.

  • Greater integration with popular platforms and tools i.e. iCloud integration for Microsoft Office on iOS as well as Box, Citrix and Salesforce integration.

  • Better security with features like giving you like pin locking and faster remove wipe execution on Outlook for iOS and Android.

  • Updates to Office 365 online have meant that you don’t have your emails automatically deleted after 30 days.

  • On the security front, an agreement with Samsung means that Excel, Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive for Business will be included wrapped up in the (Samsung) Knox container.

  • Wider document sharing possibilities thanks to Office 365 enabling documents to be exported in Open Document Format (ODF).

  • If you’re on a commercial plan, your systems admins can manage access to data over a range of devices and platforms; from smart phones upwards and on Windows phones, Android and iOS thanks to the addition of mobile device management (MDM).

  • The convenience of being able to send much larger email attachments thanks to the addition of much more generous size limits.

Doubling in the Next 2 Years

The adoption of Office 365 has been fast and on a large scale and there’s no doubt that cloud services such as these are proving more and more popular, with smaller businesses more able and more willing to move all (rather than some)   of their IT services to the cloud.

In fact, in a recent survey from BetterCoud (a company that sells IT admin tools for Microsoft Office 365) more than half of the small to medium size businesses queried said that they plan to run all of their IT services in the cloud within 5 years.

The 1,500 IT professionals surveyed indicated that the corporate adoption rate of complete IT cloud infrastructure will more than double in the next two years! Even through only 12% of respondents run all of their IT in the cloud today the indications of the survey are that 26% will be doing so by 2017 and nearly 70% by 2025.

The signs are therefore that we can expect Office 365 to be a vary popular service for years to come which is good news if you’re already using it or thinking of dipping more than your toe into the cloud.