How You Can Use FTSE 100 Company Systems to Improve Your Meetings

Ever wondered how your company could adopt some of the successful systems of the FTSE 100 companies but without the same costs?

Does your work require many different internal meetings which themselves prove to be expensive in terms of lost time, costs, and use of resources? If you’ve answered yes so far you may be interested to find out how a not-for-profit company adopted a scaled down and simplified but effective version of a ‘big company’ system for getting a better and smarter process for meetings..

The Situation

A recent Computer Weekly article highlighted how smaller and not-for-profit companies are now able to use the same technology in the boardroom as FTSE 100 companies in an affordable and cost effective way. The example company in this case is Viridian Housing who explained how they have been able to use modern cloud and consumer technology to do this. The main challenges to be met were:

In a working environment that required people to attend a lot of meetings (every 2 weeks + board meetings), how to reduce the costs, time and resources lost in producing and distributing all of the paper materials needed by those attending the meetings. Spread across a number of people this had taken up the equivalent of a full time staff role. 

Information / parts of the printed information not being the very latest information by the time the team the meeting took place. A system was needed that enabled everyone to get the very latest updates straight away. 

The need to have fast and easy access to historical information before and even during the meeting e.g. access historical information and previous meeting notes. This could be a real time saver, could keep things very much on the right track, and enable better decision making as all the relevant facts are available to all. 

Security concerns.

The nature of the work involved the use of a lot of sensitive data. 

The Solution?

In the case of the example not-for-profit housing company they asked their IT Support / Web company to design or supply a system that would work effectively, securely, and with minimum complexity. The IT Support / Web Company delivered the following solution:

A cloud-based service where all information was made available to meeting attendees via an iPad, with a ‘board portal software system linking everything together. The portal software in the case of the housing company was ‘Dilligent Boards’ (previously known as Dilligent Boardbooks). The developers of this system had already supplied software to British Gas, Standard Life, Deutsche Borse and other large companies. The advantages of the system are:

Eliminating the need for paper packs to be made up. This saved the costs of extra full time admin role that hade been needed before. 

Board / meeting members are already familiar with consumer technology like iPads. This means that the system is relatively simple to understand, inclusive and doesn’t require expensive training. The use of iPads also means that multiple power points aren’t required in the meeting room and meeting attendees can scroll to relevant pages quickly and use digital sticky notes. 

The cloud means that there is instant access to all relevant historical information and previous meeting notes so everything can be kept on track and decisions can be made based on all the information. 

The software interface and cloud enables all board / meeting members to receive instant updates so that they are all looking at and acting on the very latest information. 

The cloud’s secure servers can be used so that security concerns are minimised.