The 10 Top “Just Don’t Go There” Domains For Your Firewall Admin To Block

2012 / 2013 was the time when the Internet governing body The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) approved hundreds of new and unfamiliar domain possibilities. It was hoped in the business community that the liberalisation programme would give companies across different industry sectors greater choice beyond the old system where it was proving difficult to find an appropriate name that wasn’t already taken. 

Now there re 1000s of TLDs to choose from this has also unfortunately meant that we are unfamiliar with many of them, and there are also more opportunities for some of the less honest among us to abuse the system. The abundance of choice means that it is easier for Internet criminals to give their sites a more credible and targeted disguise, quickly set up again if they’re rumbled, and / or set up multiple sites with relative ease. 

The 10 Worst Offenders

Research by Internet security firm Blue Coat recently highlighted on produced a list of the top 10 TLDs with ‘shady sites’ coming from them based upon the sheer volume of spam, malware botnets, and phishing scams. The list of TLDs with the highest percentage of shady sites coming from them according to Blue Coat is as follows:

1. .zip 100%
2. .review 100%
3. .country 99.97%
4. .kim 99.74%
5. .cricket 99.57%
6. .science 99.35%
7. .work 98.20%
8. .party 98.07%
9. .gq (Equatorial Guinea) 97.68%
10. .link 96.98%

These very high percentages make it very clear that simply blocking everything from any of these domain TLDs looks like an easy and a good choice. For the .science TLD for example many of the sites using it were found to be scams such as scam weight loss sites, strange / suspect e-books, and sites offering plagiarized essays for sale. In any case visiting and association with these kinds of sites is not advisable.

Filtering Them Out

Your firewall admins can simply be set to block traffic to these domains so that there are not any even accidental visits.

Least Risky Domains?

Out of interest Blue Coat has also published a list of the top 10 safest Web neighbourhoods which have dubious website counts down to fractions. These are (with the safest at the top):

1. .mil
2. .jobs
3. .ck (Cook Islands)
4. .church
5. .gov
6. .gi (Gibraltar)
7. .tel
8. .kw (Kuwait)
9. .london
10. .jp (Japan).