Your IT Support Company Can Help You to Use Communication and Collaborative Technology to ‘Feel Small’ Again

A recent feature highlighted how larger businesses can use collaborative and communications technology to operate as they would if they were smaller businesses, thus growing in a lean and agile way, retaining scale but gaining faster and more effective communication.

The Challenges of Growth

Growth has always presented serious challenges to businesses. Becoming larger in itself isn’t particularly helpful if it means that a company becomes slower to react, more disconnected, or unable to quickly spot and make the best of new trends and opportunities.

Speed and agility are often associated with lean, small businesses / businesses in their early growth stages because of ease of communication (formal and informal), sharing of information, and having everything close to hand in one place. The whole picture can be more easily by decision makers.

Technology to Help

If you would like to be able to grow your business but maintain many of the communication and ease of collaboration advantages that smaller companies seem to have here are some examples of technology that could help you to achieve that:

Migrating to the cloud Microsoft OneDrive & Office 365 - For many companies their organic growth has meant that there can be a number of different servers hosted at their site, all doing different things with different levels of effectiveness e.g. Blackberry servers, tape backup and leased line broadband.

Migrating to the cloud, Office 365 and OneDrive means less vulnerability, fewer site issues and viruses, and much greater reliability and mailbox storage space. No need to waste any more valuable time on worrying about patches and updates for physical exchange servers, the Office 365 migration can kill many birds with one stone.

Power BI – A better alternative to having lots of different spreadsheets on different servers is Power BI. This is a cloud based service that works with Excel to collect all of that vital data into one place. This enables you to explore that data, generate useful insights and get the kind of holistic picture you need in order to make informed business decisions.

Yammer – This is a private social networking tool that enables anyone in your organisation with a company email address to communicate and quickly swap and share information. It can also allow a non-employees such as suppliers and customers to communicate with you via external networks. The communication and feedback that Yammer facilitates can save time and allow your company to quickly take advantage of opportunities and counter threats. 

Jive – This is social collaboration software is a digital workplace / intranet that integrates with your essential work apps and systems, and runs on desktops, smart phones and tablets. Jive enables conversations and content across your business which means that everyone in your business can stay informed, aligned and therefore more productive.