Hope For Us All as Egyptian Repairman Outranks Google in Google For “Google”!

We all know how frustrating, time consuming and expensive it can be to try to move our website ranking up just a couple of places in the natural listings. For many of us it has been a long SEO journey to get where we are now and there can often seem like no reason or logic as to why one page gets high rankings while another remains steadfastly out of contention despite your best efforts.

For one person however conquering Google’s mighty algorithms was easy and a bit of an accident.

Egyptian Repairman Tops Country’s Searches

A recent report from the BBC highlighted how an Egyptian HVAC repairman / technician Saber El-Toony was surprised and delighted recently to discover that anybody in Egypt who typed ‘Google’ into the Google search engine saw the top ranking result be a link to his Google+ page rather than to Google itself! He managed to achieve an incredible 5 million views feat despite the fact that the word Google doesn’t feature in his business name in any way. 


Mr El-Toony was reported to have done nothing himself to promote his Google+ page, and to have been blissfully unaware of his good fortune until it was pointed out to him by an Egyptian digital marketer called Eyad Nour. Mr El-Toony had however noticed a large increase in the number of telephone calls he had been getting but had not made the connection to his Google+ page until it was pointed out to him.


On learning of his unexpected good fortune at out-Googling Google Mr El-Toony was reported by Mr Nour as saying “So people think I am the 'mother company' of Google? That is great”. 

How Could It Have Happened…And Could We Do It?

Google of course are reported to have said that it was an issue that has now been fixed. Nevertheless theories abound as to how such a feat of accidental SEO super-success was achieved although there is some consensus that the Google+ profile URL may have been a very significant factor.

One theory by Oliver Ewbank at Koozai pointed to the fact that Google may have been fooled by Mr El-Toony entering a Google Search for his Twitter handle in the website URL field.

Mr Nour also believes that the website URL was at the heart of success as he noted that Mr El-Toony had entered a Google search results page for his username "ssabereltony" into the website field on his Google+ page. This means that up until its discovery it may have been the case that something as simple as changing your website URL in your Google+ profile could have resulted in massive ranking rises.

Loophole Closed

Although this apparent loophole has now been closed this case does show that there could still be simple ways to beat the algorithms and catapult your website’s visitor numbers into the stratosphere.  Oh well, we can dream…

Find out more about the story here:  https://medium.com/@eyadnour/meet-the-egyptian-technician-who-is-currently-ranked-at-1-for-google-and-he-doesn-t-even-know-6cf1040efeab