When Will You Get The Benefits of Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband?

You may be one of the lucky ones already but for many of us the Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband dream is still an elusive one.

Life Without It

If you run any aspect of your business from home and / or you like to download a lot of information, and if you’re in the rural / more difficult to reach one third of the country not yet connected by fibre optic broadband these experiences may sound familiar:

  • Problems with Skyping, Webinars, and other online collaborative activities.
  • Reeeeeallly sloooow to load web pages.
  • Things slowing down even more when anyone else is using another desktop of mobile device in the same building on the same connection.


You may well even have tried the Post Code Search section on the BT and Openreach division websites to see when you’ll be able to make problems like these a thing of the past.  You may also have read reports recently in the Press about the Advertising Standards Authority investigating complaints about frequently revised (back) dates presented on the availability checkers and ruling them to be “misleading”.

What Does This Mean For Your Dream of Superfast Fibre Optic Broadband?

In short it could mean the recent ruling could mean even less information and consequently what feels like a longer wait. For businesses that have been contemplating more drastic manoeuvres such as moving to a rumoured-to-be- / soon-to-be Fibre Optic Broadband area this could be a reality check and a reminder that the only certainties are the places where it’s already set up and working well.

What Is Fibre Optic Broadband& How Can It Be Superfast?

Fibre Optic Broadband uses plastic or glass cables instead of copper wire because they allow for faster data transfer.   FTTC which could be described as simply fast is available where the cable from the telephone exchange to the cabinet by the roadside is fibre optic but the cable from there to your home / premises is still copper.  FTTH on the other hand could be described as superfast because all of the wire from telephone exchange to your house / premises is fibre optic rather than copper.

What Are You Missing by Not Having (Superfast) Fibre Optic Broadband Now?

Web pages appearing in an instant, the ability to multi-task with many devices with no loss in speed, no buffering iPlayers, reducing your software (licensing) costs by using hosted applications, easy and fast online storage,  real-time remote CCTV that actually works, all kinds of file sharing, and several people using the same connection with no degradation are all reported experiences by those lucky enough to be in the right post code to receive the fastest service.

What’s The Hold Up?

In short it’s a difficult, time consuming and costly (with private funding alone) process to replace all of the estimated 75 million miles of mostly BT owned wire (2011 figures). 

There has also been some public criticism of a situation where Openreach has been described as having the monopoly for installing new lines and anyone hoping to provide a service with new lines simply has to wait until Openreach’s installations are complete. One third of us will it seems have to wait a bit longer.

When Will It Be Working ‘Superfast’ For You?

According to BT the £250 million extra investment Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) could bring Superfast Broadband to 95% of the UK by the end of 2017. watch this space…a bit longer.