Technical Tip - Passwords

With multi factor authentication and even biometrics being used to strengthen or plug the security weak spot that a simple or default password now represents, here are some basic suggestions to help you to make your passwords good and secure.

Wherever possible:

  1. Try not to use dates, phone numbers, or things that could be easily linked to you.

  2. Try not to use common words / phrases as these can be discovered using password cracking software.

  3. Make sure that the password is memorable to you and do not write it down.

  4. Combine letters, numbers, and other characters where possible. UpperCASE and LowerCASE.

  5. Use between 8 and 16 characters as this will make it mores secure but will still allow it to be memorable.

  6. Change your password at least every 6 months. 
You can always think of a Mnemonic, such as

"I had three wishes for Christmas last year at Mothers House" could become :


... Or something like that ...  good luck!