Why More People Are Waking Up to The Benefits of Disposable Email

One of the main methods of currency on the Web has long been the exchange of your personal contact details for information e.g. downloading or being emailed a report or link.

When we’re signing up to buy / rent products and services online we can also realistically expect to part with our precious contact details; a central component of that being our email address.

Even those companies calling us or wanting to speak to a colleague or loved one are also very keen to get hold of one particularly useful bit of information - an email address.

Whereas email addresses can make sense as part of a verification process, login, or password change there are of course some clear downsides to giving out our personal and / or work email addresses too freely, namely SPAM.

The Curse of SPAM

Whether your e-mail address has been harvested from a web page, is part of an old commercial list, has been subscribed to various websites without your knowledge, or sold to third parties without your knowledge the result is usually the same - the cost, time and trouble taken to identify, filter out and stop SPAM emails.

There may also be times when you need to download something, make a comment somewhere online / email someone but you’d like to / you need to protect your anonymity as well as avoiding SPAM. There is one simple answer - disposable email.

The Joy of Disposable E-mail

Disposable email services (many of them free)  allow you to set up and generate email addresses and email aliases, as well as in some cases associated domain names.

Depending on the specific disposable email service you choose the email addresses, and the mails received in the inbox (and domains) are deleted within specified short time period.

The Benefits For You and Your Business

The benefits of using disposable emails for you and your business include:

  • Avoiding more SPAM and keeping your spam inbox clear.

  • Maintaining your anonymity.

  • They are very easy and fast to set up.

  • Disposable email addresses can be created for very specific purposes and can be customized for the requirements, thus making them just as effective as using your own, but without the risks.

  • Emails received back can be easily kept separate / can be easily deleted as can any spam received.

  • The short time constraint on the existence of the email address means that the effects of using it are only very short term and therefore can be easily managed.

  • They can be completely outsourced so they don’t require extra software or hardware.

  • They don’t interfere with your existing email infrastructure but can be operated in parallel in a handy, easy to operate way.

  • They can offer generous or no limits on the number of disposable email addresses per account and the size of incoming and outgoing messages, which means that they provide plenty of capacity and scope.

  • They can come with administrative consoles / dashboards that give you full control over all your user accounts.

How Does This Affect Your Business?

In short, you ... or your staff ... can save lots of future time and hassles.

Some popular examples of disposable email services include:

GuerrillaMail - see https://www.guerrillamail.com/ Allows creating email addresses with nine domain names. No registration needed and email addresses last an hour.

Mailinator - see https://www.mailinator.com/ Free web-based addresses created as messages are received, with no registration required. Publicly visible email.

Air Mail - see http://getairmail.com/ Auto generated email address which gets changed every 10 seconds. You can read your inbox via your browser at a later time using a unique URL.

10 Minute Mail - see http://10minutemail.com/ Copy and paste email onto clipboard, expires in 10 minutes. Gives the option of extra 10 more minutes by clicking a link.

YOPmail - see http://www.yopmail.com/ No registration, no password. Messages are kept 8 days. Free, and fast.

MaskMe - see https://www.abine.com/maskme/ Very versatile. Mask your email, phone, and credit card as you browse and shop on the web.