Cloud Based Services

Switching to cloud based services offers access from anywhere, increased flexibility and the opportunity for collaborative working that can add value and save time.

Using subscription-based ‘pay as you go’ cloud based services offers your company a way to make real cost savings on computing and hardware, maximise efficiency, while offering scalability.

Automatic software and security updates help you to stay ahead and eliminate maintenance worries. All-important cloud based back-ups provide peace of mind through security advantages. The fact that your data, critical / important files and folders are stored securely in the cloud means no worries about data breaches and lost file through e.g. stolen or damage laptops / PCs / USB memory sticks.

How We Can Help

We can help you to reduce reliance on hardware and its associated costs and security risks, and become more efficient and agile with a range of cloud based apps and services. These include cloud based CRMs to enhance and improve your marketing and sales, cloud based accounting services, online notes to reduce post-its / bits of paper / back of envelopes, HR systems, high powered analytics, convenient online document, gadget and device access, and online scheduling tools so you can stay organised wherever you are.

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